Roy Gayle Pony Baseball Park - Rockford, IL

When the decision makers of Roy Gayle Park were looking for the best play value, it was easy to conclude that a Burke Nucleus™ playground coupled with components of the Intensity® fitness play complex was the answer. BCI Burke representative Custom Playground, Inc. provided expert advice to maximize the space that was available. Park officials were initially hesitant that the blending of the newly released Nucleus with Intensity line might confuse the process; however concern quickly vanished when the design was created.

Nucleus was designed specifically in response to customer requests for a better way to integrate the fitness-oriented Intensity with the more traditional play systems built around posts and platforms. Nucleus provides the strongest and most versatile system Burke has ever offered and Roy Gayle Park was one of the first sites to reap the benefits of this historical product.

The greatest challenge was expertly fitting the play space between two baseball fields while ensuring maximum safety. Planning for future expansion of the play area was also a priority. The playground fit was a challenge, but the Burke design department provided their usual exceptional support using Burke's proprietary EZ Design program which made the job seem effortless.

The fusion of Burke's Nucleus and Intensity play systems provide a perfect mix for special needs kids who need transfer stations as well as the increased intensity for the more able-bodied kids. The kids who play on the space are given ample excitement and challenge with the Monster Plunge Slide being the big draw. Whether playing on the multitude of climbers: Vital Vortex, Power Pipes, Wild Web, or Strength Stepper; zooming down the Swift Glider; or engaging in one of the numerous other featured play events at Roy Gayle Pony Park, families have plenty of ways to help keep kids active and coming back for more.