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sPEAKing Our Minds: How to Eat Healthier Around the Holidays

Notice we said healthier…lifestyle changes are sustainable and allow for us to indulge sometimes and still be on plan. The holiday season is upon us and many times families and friends get together and enjoy all types of food, prepared by different family members...and that last part is noted because everyone isn’t preparing the meal based on your dietary needs or wants.  Read more for some strategies that will help you enjoy the holidays and still come out on the ...



You may have heard that music can make you smarter, more focused and relaxed.  We’ve seen research about the “Mozart Effect” with infants, heard about band and choir students scoring higher on tests, and even music as a tool to delay dementia in the elderly- but how does this all work?  Let’s explore the effects of music on the brain and see how music can move us cognitively and improve everything from language to literacy! When you were just a ...


NRPA 2019

The NRPA Annual Conference is upon us and this time we’re headed to Baltimore to engage with more than 8,000 people who are passionate about parks and recreation just like we are! Our favorite part of NRPA is all the people – it’s an opportunity for us to connect with people who understand and share our desire for more – more parks and play environments, more time spent outdoors, more spaces for people to get moving and areas that ...

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July is Park & Rec Month

  Time spent outside is priceless and there is no better place to get outdoors than a park! To celebrate July as Park and Recreation month, we are listing the top five reasons outdoor play is the best! So get to your local park and reap the benefits! 5. Being outside is a sensory experience like no other! The sun on your skin, the wind in your face, the texture of rocks and leaves are just a few of the sensory ...

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Music Play That Moves You

German poet Hermann Hesse said that “making music together is the best way for two people to become friends.” Burke’s all new PlayEnsemble™ line is designed to do just that - to bring families and communities together to play and make music with high quality outdoor musical instruments. Burke wowed us again with amazing new, high quality music products, including drums, chimes and a metallophone, all of which can withstand the elements and provide an authentic environment for collaboration ...

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Bringing Play to Phoenix!

Play is essential to childhood – to development, to exploration and to learning. The Phoenix Elementary School District understands the importance of play and is revitalizing many of the playgrounds to add more opportunities for children to get the most out of play! Using the Mohave Educational Services Cooperative, they were able to streamline the purchasing process and get to the fun of playground design! Having areas where children can move, socialize and release energy helps them learn better during ...

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  • Combat “Boredom” Outside

    How fitting is it that National Anti-Boredom Month is the same month as Parks & Recreation Month!? We think it’s on point! Parks and recreation spaces are the perfect way to combat boredom while spending time outdoors moving, socializing and playing! Our top five ideas of fun things to ...

  • Rise Up for Parks and Recreation

    July is Park and Recreation Month and a time to celebrate and support our parks and recreation spaces! There are so many reasons these places are important to us and to our communities…here are our Top Five Reasons We Rise Up for Parks and Recreation! Parks get people moving. We ...

  • Family Health and Fitness Day 2022

    Movement and fitness are so important and parks, playgrounds, recreation and outdoor fitness spaces are the perfect places to move. Getting everyone moving is crucial to the physical and mental wellbeing of the community and gives us healthy ways to connect, engage and play together. In our home community of ...