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Biba® brings more engagement, more fun and more people to play. It’s another way to view and expand Play That Moves You. Biba on a playground brings games to kids, families and communities that meet them where they are and challenges them to spend more time outdoors moving, playing and developing skills that transcend the playground. At its core, Biba features a variety of games including popular and recognizable characters that will engage and expand the play value of Burke playgrounds like never before. Biba brings imagination, movement and fun that can’t be found anywhere else! All you need is the Biba App, a Burke playground featuring Biba and the readiness for a whole new kind of playground experience.

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Play Together with Biba

Play Together

Engaging kids and families and creating an experience that fosters social, emotional, physical and cognitive development is part of what Biba on a Burke playground offers. When everyone is engaged, more time is spent at the playground getting that much-needed movement, building relationships and having fun outside. Learn more here.

Biba Playground Games

Play Games

Getting all the latest in playground games from the leader in outdoor mobile gaming is easy – just download the FREE App and find the nearest Biba playground and start having fun! Learn more here.

Playground Enhancements

Playground Enhancement

Breathing new life into your existing playspace comes from finding fresh, innovative and fun ways to use the space. Enter Biba. Taking an existing playground and adding Biba expands the play value of your existing environment and enhances the playground experience so that every adventure is new again. Learn more here.

Biba Playground Statistics

Stats in Play

Yes, stats in play…you read that right! With Biba on your playground, you can have statistics at your fingertips. These statistics help parents follow along with their children’s progress, while helping park managers understand their park usage, comparing playground facility usage and helping provide quantitative data to support future budget requests. Stats and play unite with Biba! Learn more here.

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