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Stats in Play

How is Your Playground Being Used?

Be in the Know! Now!

Biba playgrounds are the only playgrounds in the world that can generate evergreen data about what’s happening in your community’s playspaces. They do this by leveraging live data, national comparative benchmarks and through on-going user sampling…and all in a way that’s one hundred percent private and secure. Preparing for maintenance, understanding park usage, program planning and providing quantitative data to support budget requests are all excellent ways this data can help inform important decisions for your community. Play and data unite with Biba!

Your Comparables

Compare your playground to other playgrounds across the nation using Biba-generated data!

Peak Days of the Week

Biba reports provide information on how your playground is being used, including peak days and hours, most used play events and session lengths.

Activity Levels

Biba reports will show you how much light, moderate, and vigorous activity (MVPA) children engaged in during Biba gameplay.

Physical Activity Breakdown

Parents can see how much physical activity their child achieved during each play session.

Biba Data Shows ROI

“As a recreation director, the Biba playground data reports have been an essential tool in educating my Parks Commission and City of Cortland leadership regarding the importance that parks play in quality of life.”

I have used the participation data to my advantage during the budget process to lobby decision makers on the importance of park improvements and purchasing the necessary amenities (benches, shade structures, garbage cans etc..).”

“It’s also interesting to review the data feedback that compare our various city playgrounds, equipment ratings, peak days and time of use. We will use this patron feedback for future park development.”

John McNerney
City of Cortland
Youth Bureau Director