Freestanding Basics Equipment

See-Saws & Teeter-Totters

Burke Playground See Saws and Teeter Totters can be incorporated into an existing play structure or can be added to a new commercial playground design. Children have loved See Saws for years, and with Burke playground equipment, you can give the old favorite a twist. The playground See Saw you design can be for 2 children or up to 4, and you can let them ride on traditional seats, or fun animals! Burke has everything you need from a 4 Seat Spring See Saw with 4 Animals (you choose the animals) to a more traditional 2 Seat Spring See Saw with 2 Seats. You can create the Teeter Totter that’s perfect for your playground needs!

Please Note: riding animals shown below are listed with no price as they are here for display purposes to aid in the selection of a complete see-saw package.