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Motion Play

Burke has an innovative line of events that literally move you! Back and forth, round and round or up and down, motion play enhances the playground experience and challenges children to utilize their strength, coordination and balance. All of the events can be used by a single child or by a group of children for maximum playability. So grab on and enjoy with Burke's Play in Motion events!

  • Carousels & Spinners

    All the things that spin and go 'round! Choose from single-play units to playground merry go rounds that hold multiple...

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  • Rockers

    Children can let their imaginations soar while developing balance, coordination and core strength with Burke Rockers and Surfers.

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  • See-Saws

    See-Saws encourage interaction by their very nature. Children work together to get the see-saw rocking and keep everyone having fun...

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  • ZipVenture®

    Flying through the air on a suspended cable, this ride is like nothing else on the playground! Fast and exhilarating,...

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