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Burke Built® Quality

Burke’s playgrounds are handcrafted by artisans using high quality materials, including compounded plastics with UV-16 to protect your investment. Burke’s exclusive KoreKonnect® direct-bolt clamp system is the very best in the industry and our EZKonnect® system features a self-leveling platform design that installers rave about. See what Burke Built Quality means for your playground!


Premium Powder Coatings

Our industry-leading powder coatings and finishes prevent fading, last longer and deter rust. We also offer a “coastal package” powder coat system. This special powder coat system for metal components and upright posts will provide additional corrosion and chemical protection along with added longevity to the color and gloss retention of the powder coated parts. Contact your Burke Representative for more information on colors, price and warranty.


Climbing Cables

Made of polyester with steel reinforced cores, all Burke cables are flexible enough to provide movement and help kids gain balance and strength, yet strong enough to last on the playground! Kids love to climb and our cables will stand up to their energy and allow them to create endless climbing paths over, under, around and through our rope climbers!


KoreKonnect® Direct-Bolt Clamp System

Nucleus® and Voltage® feature our Industry-leading KoreKonnect direct-bolt clamp system resulting in the strongest and most accurate connection system ever. Factory located connection points make for easy, precise installation and an error-free fit. Best of all, KoreKonnect is covered for 100 years under our non-prorated Generations Warranty®.


Direct-Bolt Connection System

Intensity® and Little Buddies® feature Burke’s trusted direct-bolt connection that uses a durable, straightforward direct-bolt system to ensure a trouble-free installation and provide the necessary strength to accommodate the demands of playing children. Like our KoreKonnect system, Direct-Bolt connections are covered for 100 years under our Generations Warranty®.


EZKonnect® Deck Mounting System

Our exclusive self-leveling deck attachment and factory CNC construction allows for faster and more precise location of decks during installation. The 2-bolt per corner deck attachment increases overall structure strength and stability.


Handcrafted By Artisans

When you walk through our ISO Certified Fond du Lac, Wisconsin manufacturing facility you will see playgrounds coming to life through the hands of our people. In the age of assembly lines, we work to combine efficiency with a personal touch that makes every playground special, unique and important to every Burke employee.



Burke’s oversized non-slip platforms are constructed of heavy-duty punched steel that can support more than 2 tons. Our vinyl coating is California compliant, free of lead and other hazardous heavy metals.


Compound Plastics with UV-16

You’ll get long wear and bright, vibrant colors that hold up for years thanks to our thick, durable rotomolded plastics with UV-16 protection. This is why we can cover them for 15 years under our non-prorated Generations Warranty.


Aluminum Connectors

Swivel connectors at the end of our ropes allow assembly at any angle with no unwanted twists in the net. The aluminum fittings used to secure the joints are swaged in place to prevent any movement between the rope and fittings that could cause wear.


Tamper-Resistant Hardware

All of Burke’s hardware is stainless steel and tamper-resistant! It is also covered for 100 years under our Generations Warranty so you can be certain we stand behind our Burke Built quality promise!