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Play That Moves You®

Play is the highest form of expression. It makes us laugh, move, connect, feel joy, learn, grow, and be part of something bigger. As we design the building blocks of play, we look to six pillars of Play That Moves You to guide us. These six pillars – Development, Research, Innovation, Design, Wellness, and Connection – help us develop products and design spaces that encourage everyone to find the best of themselves through play.


See How Play Can Move You!


Play develops us in so many ways. Children develop socially, emotionally, physically, cognitively, creatively, and communicatively in a child-directed way through play. Communities develop and rally around recreation spaces. We develop a passion for the greenspaces in our communities, and what we are passionate about, we protect. The development fostered through play is like none other, and it’s one of the most important ways we all develop into our best selves.


Research brings together design, play experience, development, and connection. It allows us to develop products and spaces that create community, equity, and comfort for people of all ages, abilities, preferences, and backgrounds. How children interact with their environments and their peers, how caregivers engage with kids and each other, and how the space serves overall community needs are questions research can help us answer. We do research with some of the most respected practitioners and organizations in the industry and are proud to bring research-based design to the communities we serve.


Innovations change the way people interact with the world around them. Increased equity, usability, fun, engagement, and ease of use are all results of innovations in outdoor play, fitness, and recreation equipment. Brava® Universal Swing, Innova®, 360 Loop™, Nucleus Evolution®, and Nucleus Aspire™ are changing the way children experience play – each provides more adventure, more awe, more independence and gives kids and communities the highest form of play.


Intelligently designed spaces serve the entire community. They are inclusive, universally designed, and make everyone feel a sense of belonging and ownership. Age-appropriate play, intergenerational engagement, and spaces for socialization, adventure, awe, game play, development, and connection are all part of well-thought-out product and playspace design. Usability, replay value, play variety, and play experience all play important roles in the overall design.


Outdoor recreational spaces promote the overall wellness of a community. Physical, mental, and economic wellbeing are all positively impacted by the presence of these important places within communities. Higher graduation rates and property values combined with lower obesity rates and instances of high blood pressure are just some of the ways greenspaces add to the quality of life for communities. More of these, please!


Connecting people to their communities, to the outdoors, and to themselves is one of the most important aspects of play. At all ages and stages of life, connection is important. It improves our mental health, outlook on life, physical health, and gives us a support system within our community. Outdoor spaces foster connections, community pride, and engagement for everyone, and that is a pillar of Play That Moves You for all.