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Play That Moves You®

Play is our passion, our mission and our business and bringing play to communities around the world is driven by our desire to help children develop, communities engage and keep people of all ages and abilities moving outside together. Play That Moves You is our rally cry and our promise to observe, research, innovate and design products and playspaces that inspire and challenge everyone to find the best of themselves through play. JOIN OUR MOVEMENT and see how play can move you!

Play That Moves You from BCI Burke Company on Vimeo.


Communication is an important part of our lives and children learn language comprehension, productive expression and nonverbal cues through play. The importance of communication cannot be overstated. Understanding and using language, whether verbal or non, is an important first step in literacy and literacy is the foundation for learning other subjects. When we design well-rounded playsapces that include a variety of play elements such as music, games and imaginative play areas, we ensure all children can enhance their language through play.


Play is vital for a child’s emotional development and the emergence of their experience, expression and understanding. Imaginative and pretend play in a group helps children learn to express and understand their own and other children’s feelings.


Children at play are solving problems, creating, experimenting, thinking and learning all the time. Through play, children learn cause and effect, cognitive planning, and time for play helps children pay more attention to the cognitive tasks needed to succeed in school. Adults who find time to play and move throughout the day have increased attention to their work. Letting our minds develop through play reduces stress and helps us be more productive and creative.


Developing gross and fine motor skills, core, upper and lower body strength, proprioception, balance and agility are important to helping a child develop physically. Play does this automatically by encouraging kids to explore, pursue adventure and overcome obstacles. And it’s fun.


Socialization is important at all ages and stages of development. It develops empathy, teaches cooperation and is important for mental health. As children age, they transition from parallel to cooperative play and begin to develop friendships. As adults, having an accountability partner to meet for outdoor exercise can help people begin exercising and stay with a plan while building close bonds with others.


Creativity is encouraged by allowing children to participate in child-directed play. Here they’re able to role-play, create and participate in dramatic play where they can experiment and understand social roles. Play helps develop each child’s unique style of creative expression.