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Play That Moves You®

Play Moves Us in a big way and is inherent in our culture at Burke. We are constantly studying play and evolving our products - pushing ourselves to be better - all to bring a higher level of play to the communities we serve. JOIN OUR MOVEMENT and see how play can move you!

Play That Moves You from BCI Burke Company on Vimeo.

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Play That Moves You Physically

Burke’s unique Nucleus® and Intensity® playgrounds feature a fusion of traditional and fitness-based play to get kids moving like never before! Kids get an amazing workout and develop strength, balance and agility while having SO MUCH FUN! Our combination of traditional and active play events create a space where children of all ages and abilities can play together.


Play That Moves You Literally

Movement is essential to life and to play. Motion play creates movement for children of all abilities and assists with many developmental areas, including increased spatial awareness, inner ear stimulation and balance. Motion can be soothing to children with sensory processing differences and offers an interactive activity for everyone to enjoy.


Play That Moves You Cognitively

Extensive research suggests that play provides tremendous developmental benefits to children. In fact, it’s been said that children learn through play - it helps their brains and bodies develop. There’s no such thing as too much of a good thing when it comes to play!


Play That Moves You Emotionally

Creativity and imagination are powerful types of play and a great play environment stimulates these experiences. Burke offers a wide range of themed playgrounds and sensory play events.