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At BCI Burke®, we believe in the power of play as a universal language that brings communities together, ignites joy, and promotes active, healthy lifestyles. Every day, we are moved by the impact of play, and it's this passion that drives us to design high-quality, innovative, and durable commercial playground equipment for all communities, from parks and schools to daycares and residential communities.


Our commitment goes beyond creating playgrounds – we create play experiences that foster imagination and help shape a world where everyone can be part of an inclusive play community. Joining Our Movement means championing a higher level of play for all. At BCI Burke, we’re not just providing equipment, we’re inspiring a love of play that lasts a lifetime.

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Play brings people together and provides a space where everyone can thrive. It reveals our unique talents and gifts, providing an equitable space to grow, develop, learn, and discover what moves us. At BCI Burke, we continue this spirit of discovery and development with our diverse range of commercial playground equipment, outdoor fitness gear, and site amenities.


In our commitment to bringing the best in play, playgrounds, fitness, and recreation to all, we design each product with care. From innovative play structures to dynamic fitness stations, our products embody our dedication to quality, inclusivity, and innovation, backed by the durability of our premium materials and the efficiency of our exclusive KoreKonnect® and EZKonnect® systems.



But our aim extends beyond crafting playgrounds – we create spaces that inspire, engage, and promote active lifestyles. With BCI Burke, we're not just providing equipment; we're fostering environments where play cultivates community, nurtures discovery, and inspires joy. Explore the transformative power of play with BCI Burke - click on the links below to discover our comprehensive product line that's ready to enrich your community.

360 Loop™ Aro Spinning Chair Nucleus Aspire™ Burke Express Novo® Playful Benches Synergy Playfort

New Products

360 Loop™

Play equity is redefined with the latest play innovation – the 360™ Loop. This slide, transfer, climber combination allows for children of all abilities to have control over their play experience and be able to play and move independently in an all-new way. Transferring onto the climber, kids can climb however they are comfortable using their upper bodies or legs to work their way to the top before they come down the slide and move back up the climber to repeat until their hearts and bodies are content. Creating a universally designed space brings everyone together and offers equal experiences for kids to define the way they want to play. This is play designed for the entire community.

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Aro Spinning Chair

Small in footprint but huge in inclusion, the Aro Spinning Chair brings spinning to children of all abilities! At transfer height and boasting a tilted seat and higher back, this spinner will be the hit of the playground! Kids will learn cooperative play, socialization, turn-taking, and communication all while enjoying the fun of spinning!

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Nucleus Aspire™

Climbing to the top of a mountain? Crossing a pass to summit another peak? Taking off into space? Racing down a mountain on a slide that makes you feel like you could fly? Whatever you aspire to, Nucleus Aspire can provide. Action, adventure, development, and a play experience like no other, Nucleus Aspire looks as incredible as it is. Rope tunnels cross the sky and offer views that inspire exploration and awe. The climbers create a challenging and fun way to get to the top and the slides bring a fast, twisty egress that will keep kids coming back for more. We all need aspirations – find yours here. 

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Burke Express

Pretend play is an important part of child development and helps children learn about themselves and their surroundings, supports social and emotional development and improves problem solving abilities. The Burke Express is the ultimate in imaginative play and with so many ways for children to interact with each other, a caregiver and their environment. Details on the Express make it a fun experience for children to learn while climbing, socializing and playing!

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Novo® Playful Benches

There’s much to do on Novo Playful Benches! Sit, relax, engage your senses, play games, learn your numbers, practice language skills, and have fun to name a few! Bringing learning outside creates a relaxed space where kids will guide their own learning, build their confidence, and develop skills that transcend the playground while engaging with each other, their caregivers, or playing solo.

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Synergy Playfort

A secret hideout. A club. A creative space. A place of imagination. Forts serve a lot of different purposes for children and help kids develop autonomy, social skills, cooperation, and creativity! The Synergy Playfort is a quintessential fort full of games, climbing, and surprises for all children ages 2-5 and 5-12!

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Join Our Movement®

There are so many ways to Join Our Movement! From engaging with us on the PlayTalk Blog, utilizing our comprehensive Design Guide, to becoming a Burkie (aka - starting a rewarding career with us), being part of our movement means bringing the highest level of play to your community with our research based, intelligently designed playground equipment. As part of the BCI Burke family, you're contributing to a world where the value of children's play is celebrated, fostering physical fitness, creativity, and social interaction. Join us and see how play can move you!