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welcome to bci burke

Welcome to BCI Burke

At Burke, Play Moves us every day and drives us to create innovative, fun and quality commercial playground equipment. We believe play brings communities together and keeps kids and families active, healthy and happy. Join the Movement as we bring a higher level of play to all communities!

Featured Playgrounds

Hope Playground at Sam Johnson Park - Redmond, OR

When a small group of moms in Redmond, Oregon approached the city about a new play area at Sam Johnson Park, they had no idea it would become the amazing, collaborative project it came to be! What is now the largest inclusive playground in Oregon, Hope Playground opened in October 2015 and is a destination for children and families of all abilities. The opening of this special space celebrates years of grassroots collaboration, design, fundraising and construction. The community rallied behind the idea that a premier inclusive playspace that offered the opportunity for children and community members of all abilities to gather and play together could make an impact in the entire region!

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Fitness Playgrounds

Burke’s unique Nucleus™ and Intensity™ play feature a fusion of traditional and fitness-based play to get kids moving like never before! Kids get a workout while having fun outdoors and developing balance, coordination and strength. Our combination of play events create an environment where children of all abilities can interact together in a safe, active and FUN space!

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Inclusive Playground Equipment

Burke’s “Play for Everyone” philosophy guides our product design process and promotes a focus on inclusive play so children of all abilities can play together in a safe, comfortable environment. The fusion of traditional and active-based play events serves to create a space where everyone can have fun and grow together. It fosters opportunities for the types of experiences that can move us all in every way – physically, emotionally, cognitively and socially.

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Themed Play Areas

A themed playspace can tell a story, transform the ordinary school recess into the extraordinary and let imaginations run wild! From western to nautical and firefighter to astronaut, we want to move your imaginations and help create your dream playground!

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Natureplay Playgrounds

Connect to nature with Burke’s nature-inspired collection of products. Whether it’s a ClubHouse, a tree climber or a realistic rock, nature can move us in so many ways and provides benefits to all children, including increased academic performance, physical activity, improved social relations and self-discipline. Join the Movement to bring kids back to nature with Burke!

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