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  • New Playground Products

    We love play and it moves us to create products that help keeps kids and families moving and staying healthy!...

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  • Playground Design Search

    Join Our Movement and be inspired by our collection of playgrounds for all ages, abilities and budgets! Use these as...

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  • School Aged Play

    Children ages 5-12 seem to be able to do and learn almost anything. Their senses, physical abilities, creativity and socialization...

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  • Preschool Play

    Early play helps children use and refine gross motor skills, react to each other socially and use language to talk...

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  • Early Childhood Play

    Early childhood play sets the foundation for future learning and is important to child development in a variety of ways....

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  • Fitness Playgrounds

    Ready to turn it up a notch for your kids? Burke's Intensity® fitness play complex is designed to challenge and...

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  • Inclusive Play

    Inclusive playground equipment is primarily about ALL children having EQUAL access to participate in play at the local playground regardless...

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  • Themed Playgrounds

    A custom playspace can tell a story, transform the ordinary into the extraordinary and let imaginations run wild! From nature...

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The Importance of Play

Spending time at the playground is so much fun and helps children grow and develop in a variety of ways. Outdoor play leads to improved physical and mental health, provides opportunities for socialization, and offers greater access to nature. At Burke, we understand the significance of outdoor playground equipment and commercial play systems, which not only encourages exploration but also facilitates skill development through thoughtful design. Contact your local Burke Representative to bring Play That Moves You to your community!