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Sport & Recreation

From basketball hoops to benches to outdoor fitness, we offer a variety of products to complement any playground and offer kids and families additional opportunities to keep moving and enjoy the outdoors!

  • Outdoor Fitness

    Meet ELEVATE®, ACTIVATE® and INVIGORATE®, Burke’s Outdoor Fitness Collections that combine physical fitness with time spent outdoors. The ELEVATE Fitness...

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  • Playground Games

    Burke Playground Games are designed for all ages and help keep children of all ages and abilities active and having...

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  • Site Amenities

    Burke offers a full line of park and commercial playground site amenities that will add value and comfort to any...

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  • Freestanding Shade

    Protect your children from the sun and keep play surfaces cooler to the touch with Burke’s selection of ShadePlay Canopies....

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  • Playground Signs

    Signs can be used to promote safety, communicate rules, tell a story or thank the people and organizations that made...

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  • Dog Park Equipment

    Play for the whole family means including our playful pups! Introducing Play4Pups®, a fun obstacle course that keeps our beloved...

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  • Sports Equipment

    Hoops, Goals, Nets and more! Our Sports Equipment is designed for all ages and helps keep both adults and children...

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