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Trends in Play

Play is part of us and helps us grow, learn and develop. Keeping up with trends in play is how we keep bringing you the best and most innovative products that keep communities moving in more ways than one. Bringing some of the latest innovations in play will add even more fun and development to these important spaces.


Play For Everyone

Universally designed spaces are more than a trend – it is really just good design. These spaces are full of opportunities for all people to find the best of themselves through outdoor play and recreation and feature a variety of play events throughout the entire space. Swinging, sliding, climbing, adventuring, spinning, and playing games at different levels to meet everyone’s ability and preference will be featured in inclusive spaces. The expansion of the word “inclusive” to be age, background, gender and ability focused is something to consider when designing these important places. Learn more.

Inspire Adventure

Adventure play is a trend that is key to keeping children off screens and engaging in active outdoor play. Adventure is often paired with awe and bringing awe into everyday life increases mental and physical well-being, gives us a sense of wonder, and encourages future exploration. Designing adventure and awe into playspaces keeps kids and communities outdoors together for more fun. Learn more

Elevate Your Outdoor Fitness

ELEVATE® Fitness Course is full of adventure and not just for kids - it’s for 5-12 but also 13+ and an incredible way to get everyone moving and playing together. We all need movement and obstacle course fitness appeals to a broad range of fitness levels and ages with different ways to use the course to get the workout you desire. Bringing outdoor fitness to your community creates equity, a gathering place and a lot of adventure and fun. Learn more.

Learn Outdoors

Moving traditional indoor activities outside is an incredible way to increase creativity, boost immunity, and get some much-needed Vitamin D! Kids learn well in natural settings and getting them outside brings better focus and more opportunities to communicate in natural settings, inspires activity, makes learning fun, and helps them work better in teams. Learn more.

Themed Play and Customization

Kids will imagine no matter where they are but themed playspaces can bring imagination, learning, pretending and creativity to the forefront! Themed play and customization can tell a community story, share the history of a town, teach about pollination or transport children to the moon, an old western town or anywhere they can imagine! Learn more.