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Freestanding Play

Kids will always be kids, and play adventure for them will always include swinging, swaying, sliding, climbing, spinning, teetering and tottering! That's why Burke's Freestanding Basics remain so popular, but that doesn't mean we've given up Reinventing Play™. We are constantly spinning up fresh ideas from classic concepts, producing innovative and exciting products that kids will love. All of Burke's Freestanding Basics incorporate the creativity, quality, value and sense of fun that you'll find throughout our entire product line. You'll never go wrong blending these favorite, time-honored elements into your own unique playground design!

  • Educational Play

    Combining learning and the outdoors creates an environment that is flexible, open and where students can learn together. Outdoors, children...

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  • Musical Play

    Music is essential to childhood development and fun so why not bring it to the playground for all to enjoy?...

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  • Electronic Play

    The next generation of play is here. It's inspired. It's innovative. It will test your fitness, your agility and your...

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  • Motion Play

    Burke has an innovative line of events that literally move you! Back and forth, round and round or up and...

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  • Swings

    Swinging is a childhood staple and an excellent way to bring a variety of developmental benefits to the playground! Children...

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  • Climbers

    Burke Freestanding Playground Climbing Walls and Climbers ensure that your park, recreation or school playground lets kids climb higher than...

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  • Overhead Events

    Children are always looking to reach higher, climb further, and reach the summit. Monkey bars have long been a playground...

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  • Slides

    Fast, fun and exhilarating, slides are a playground staple! But it's not just fun, sliding provides a variety of crucial...

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  • Playground Fundamentals

    Kids don't outgrow the basics, and Burke's Freestanding Basics Playground Equipment are an integral part of any well-designed commercial playground....

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