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Landscape Architect Playgrounds

At Burke, we focus on partnership and love working together with landscape architects to bring your designs to life. We are passionate about play design and bringing the best in play and playground designs to communities around the world. Our play, fitness and recreation products are unique and fun while maintaining organic lines that complement any landscape. We have a variety of color themes or create your own with our vast array of color options. From primary to natural and funky to subdued, you can add color to your playspace however you choose.


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Children learn through play and gain incredible benefits that transcend the playground and last a lifetime. At Burke, we work with schools to create spaces that help children ages 5 to 12 learn, gain confidence, cooperate and socialize. We strive to create playground sets where everyone can thrive and find the best of themselves through play. Schools are an incredibly important part of a child’s development and serve as pillars in the community. Contact us and we’ll help you build a play environment that helps kids develop physically, socially, emotionally and cognitively!

Pace Academy

Atlanta, GA

Beren Academy

Houston, TX

Paloma Park

Peoria, AZ

Friendship Learning Center

North Fond du Lac, WI

Thompson County Park

West St. Paul, MN

Mindowaskin Park

Westfield, NJ

Play That Moves You®

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring Play That Moves You to communities around the world. Schools, daycares, churches, HOAs and municipalities count on Burke to provide amazing outdoor play options. We marry research and innovation to design thoughtful products that inspire everyone to move. CAD files, renderings and installation details are available for all of our products and we have the best in 3D drawings that allow you to see your play environment before ordering and provide a beautiful, engaging visual for clients. Contact us and let’s move together!

Our Products

Bringing Play That Moves You to communities around the world means we are focused on being the best in the industry by offering products that marry form and function and bring everyone together in play, recreation and outdoor fitness. We research how children play and engage with their environments to ensure that they are getting the highest level of play and development. We create products that offer people of all ages and all abilities the opportunity for connection and enjoyment and focus on equitable play experiences for everyone. We work to create an element of excitement over and over again so children can experience the joy of discovery each time they play.


As we create new playgrounds for kids, we like to think we’re helping get children ready for the future. But it’s also important to create a future that’s ready for the kids. In other words, we have a critical role in ensuring that the world remains a safe and hospitable environment for generations to come. That’s why Burke is committed to a wide range of initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint, save energy, recycle materials and continually reduce the environmental impact of our manufacturing processes. Learn more

Continuing Education

In partnership with AEC Daily, Burke offers three enlightening and engaging courses to the Construction, Architectural, Interior Design and Engineering communities for CEU credit at no cost! Join Our Movement® and gain a deeper understanding of various aspects of play, music, fitness, inclusivity and design while obtaining the credits you need to further your career! 

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