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Safety & Maintenance

Playground Safety is Important for Everyone!

Play has incredible developmental benefits for children and helps communities thrive. Focusing on safer play helps everyone gain all the benefits from playing outdoors while taking steps to eliminate the risk of serious injuries. Commercial playground safety is a top priority and we’ll help you keep kids safer with age-appropriate signage, products and playgrounds designs, maintenance kits and rigorous safety certifications. Safer play is Play That Moves Us!


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Playgrounds Designed For You

Playspaces Designed for You

Many playground injuries stem from children playing on equipment that isn’t designed for their age group. Designing products and playspaces that excite, engage and fulfill children at their level and continue to safely challenge them helps encourage play in the space that is designed for their age range.

Safety Certifications

Safety Certifications

Burke's products are designed and tested to meet and exceed the world's most rigorous safety standards. In addition to being IPEMA certified to the American ASTM and Canadian CSA standards, many of Burke's product lines are also certified to meet the European Standard, EN 1176 by TÜV America Product Service. Click here for more information or contact your Burke representative at 800.266.1250.

Age Appropriate Signage

Age Appropriate Signage

Clear signage that offers easy to understand information for parents and caregivers about supervision, age ranges and hours of operation is an important part of playground safety. Burke offers signage to complement any playspace and in a variety of languages, so it is perceptible for everyone and blends naturally into the playground setting.

Playground Safety & Maintenance Kits

Playground Safety & Maintenance

Maintenance is an important part of playground safety and your new Burke play structure comes with a FREE Maintenance Kit complete with a customized playground maintenance schedule, manual, touch-up paint and graffiti remover.

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