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Site Assessment & Initial Planning

A site assessment can be compared to taking measurements before buying a dress or suit – the more accurate, the better fit you will get. When a playspace is meant to serve the community for years to come, an accurate site assessment for an accurate fit is even more important! Your local Burke Representative will help answer any questions and probably even ask questions that can help you get a play environment that will best serve your community.

Before beginning the design process, it is important to consider factors such as play objectives, age ranges, capacity requirements and space and budget parameters. This will help your Burke Representative and Burke’s Design Team understand your needs and create a space that brings your vision to life while meeting all applicable standards, including the Americans with Disabilities Act. Because a site assessment is critical to the overall commercial playground development process, we do this at no cost to you. It’s our mission to bring the best in play and playgrounds to the communities we serve and this is an important first step in fulfilling that mission.

To help us get started together, we created a Preliminary Playground Planning resource. Download this to help guide the conversation with your Burke Representative!