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Play20 - 100 Years of Play

100 Years of Play

We are celebrating 100 years and to us that means making the very best and most innovative playground, fitness and recreation equipment in our history. We’re guided by our legacy of innovation, customer service and creativity while continuing to challenge ourselves through research, analysis and continuous improvement. But being better means more - it means investing in the communities we live and work and continuing our story by giving back with acts of kindness and supporting organizations that help kids and families. Our goal is simple - to harness the power of play to make the world a happier, kinder, more playful place. Join Our Movement and share in the story by giving back in your community, posting a picture and using #Play20. We’re excited to share in this year together.



Living our Mission of Community

Part of our 100 year celebration is giving back to the communities we serve in a variety of ways. We call it #Play20 and it allows us to live our mission of doing more.


#Play20 is about doing more. About giving back. We began our Play20 journey in Puerto Rico at our Play20 Sales Conference by donating and packing food for children who might not be able to eat when they aren't in school. And if they can't eat, how can they have the energy to learn, grow, develop and play? This is our mission. Join us as we live it.

One of the organizations we partner with is the Boys & Girls Club of Fond du Lac. Their mission is to empower all young people to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens through academic, social and emotional support. We support their mission by engaging with them in a variety of ways, including our President/CEO Michael Phelan being part of the Board of Directors, various Burke employees participating in committees such as Marketing and Events and creating personal relationships with the club members by providing opportunities to tour the Burke facilities and learn about various careers in manufacturing, design, engineering and human resources. Oh, and we invite them to come and play on all of the Burke equipment in our "backyard." And we know how important play is for building healthy minds and bodies. Join Our Movement as we continue our mission to make the world a happier, kinder, more playful place to be.