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A great way to bring the community together – build a playground!

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At Burke, we work with communities everywhere to build playgrounds and always love the excitement, cooperation and fun that comes from creating and installing a new playground for all to share. Community builds provide the forum for community members, regardless of differences, to work side-by-side for the better of their community. During the build process, a community is able to capitalize on the resources found within and translates that into financial savings and pride in ownership. A community built playground helps to install a sense of “family” among community members and volunteers and a respect for what each has accomplished.

In the last couple of months, we’ve been involved in some incredible community builds! One in particular comes to mind – a boy, a town devastated by tragedy and a dream to restore a park becomes a reality. Get inspired – take a minute to watch this video and read more about the story behind the build!! For more information on community builds and to get your FREE planning guide, visit our website!

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