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BCI Burke Company awarded national cooperative contract with National IPA

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BCI Burke Company has been awarded a national cooperative contract by Region 4 Education Service Center, Houston, TX, made available through National IPA, to provide playground and recreation products to government agencies and educational institutions throughout the country.

After competitively soliciting the contract, Region 4 ESC awarded the contract to BCI Burke on April 28, 2017. Through the agreement, BCI Burke’s products will be made available to all participants of National IPA.

“National IPA is pleased to be partnering with BCI Burke to offer this competitively solicited and awarded agreement lead by Region 4 ESC. BCI Burke provides a breadth of playground and recreation options, built with the exceptional quality that will benefit National IPA’s participating agencies throughout the country,” said Ken Heckman, senior vice president, account management.

National IPA is one of the fastest-growing cooperative purchasing organizations in the nation, and each contract is written to ensure maximum value and public procurement compliance for all parties involved. Additionally, a significant portion of National IPA’s revenue is allocated to education initiatives.

“Our contract with National IPA simplifies the process for customers to purchase high-quality playground equipment and accessories from Burke,” said Michael Phelan, president and CEO of BCI Burke Company. “This is a very exciting time for us at Burke as we experience growth and continue the development of innovative products, backed by the very best customer service. I am confident that our customers will appreciate the ease of purchasing Burke playground equipment with this contract through National IPA and bypassing the tedious and time consuming RFP process,” he continued.

The list of entities authorized to participate in the contract includes, but is not limited to, K-12 schools, municipalities, colleges and universities, counties and religious organizations. 

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