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Benefits of Motion Play

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There are many forms of motion play you see taking place on the playground everyday. Motion play not only provides fun for the children, but it also provides many great benefits for them while they are using the different forms of the motion play equipment. Take a look through and see some of the benefits motion play provides for your children.

1. Swinging

Swinging is one of the most popular activities on the playground. Swinging helps children develop perceptual skills, spacial awareness and sensory integration as well as improving balance and posture. Swings like the Volito multi-user swing allows for multiple children, of all abilities, to interact and play together.

2. Overhead playing events

Overhead swinging events are played on by using the children’s momentum to create a spinning effect.It challenges children to utilize their strength and coordination. While playing it helps build upper body and arm strength and endurance.

3. Spinners

Spinners on your playground have many great benefits to them: 1. They are great for children with autism to help increase vestibular stimulation. 2. Spinners helps with the development of kinesthetic awareness. 3. They also help develop strength, coordination and balance.

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