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Climbing and sliding make the perfect combination!

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Introducing the Merge Climber and Intensity Slide Platform! Pair them together with one of the many Burke slides and you have fun and active events for kids!

Climbable on three sides, the Merge possesses unique design lines that show a surprising use of shapes to create climbing paths up, over, around and through. Merge is designed to bring climbers together at the top and provide entry to an enclosed 72” high Nucleus™ or Intensity® slide platform. The flexibility and features of Merge allow for a variety of configurations that bring the excitement of climbing to the playground.

Options, options, options characterize the NEW Intensity Slide Platform! With the ability to connect to twelve different slides from 48-72”and be accessed by two different climbers, the Intensity Slide Platform is certain to be a playground favorite. Available as a freestanding slide option or as part of a structure, Intensity slide is designed to help keep kids moving while they hone important skills such as balance, coordination and motor planning.

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