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Don't Let Winter Keep You Inside!

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It’s cooling off here in the Midwest and all over the country! Although “cold” is a subjective term, we can all agree that winter in the U.S. brings cooler temps to most places throughout the country! However, just because it is colder or cloudier, doesn’t mean outdoor play is any less important! It requires more planning and a few different clothing options, but it can be done safely and the rewards are endless! Here are just a few of the benefits:

Fresh Air

Fresh air is just that – fresh! Most indoor environments are closed and that means germs, bacteria and dirt recycle through the vents and the more time spent inside, the more time you are exposed! Being outside and breathing fresh air helps to strengthen your autoimmune system and helps to build a resistance to allergies.

Increased Attention Span

Time spent playing outdoors is a natural attention builder. Often children who have difficulty with sitting still for long periods of times are significantly more successful after time spent outside.

Engage in Physical Exercise

Yes, it might be colder outside but children still have lots of energy and a desire to play! And play is not only good for burning energy, it also offers a change in environment and a variety of developmental benefits, including fine and gross motor development and social skills.

Stimulate the Imagination

Winter offers so many different ways to stimulate imaginations through play. Build a snow fort, take a nature hike, build a snowman or play at your local playground! With so much technology available at our fingertips, children often don’t spend enough time just using their imaginations and playing!

Spend Quality Time Together

Away from the household, chores and television are a distant memory as you can spend quality time together interacting, learning and playing! Head over to a local park and enjoy all it has to offer or do a structured hike or snowshoe through the nature preserve. Just enjoy being together!

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