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Intensity for ages 2-5 stimulates play

There seems to be more hype every day about kids not having enough stimulation to pull them outside on the playground. BCI Burke’s Intensity, targeted to the youngest players, ages 2 – 5, is the answer to every plea for play. Burke’s newest fitness play complex promotes the five essential development areas of physical, cognitive, sensory/motor, emotional/social and language maximizes the benefits of play for children on the playground.

Burke’s ultimate goal with Intensity 2-5 remains as steadfast as the day the first slide was built– to challenge and exercise young bodies while providing so much fun the kids won’t want to go home. Burke play experts agree that getting kids moving, spinning, climbing and jumping will help with the overwhelming problem of childhood obesity that runs rampant through the country. Intensity 2-5 immerses kids in their play, and they don’t even realize they’re exercising and doing something good for their young bodies.

Intensity 2-5 features action-based design and provides a clear line of sight for parents, teachers and supervisors to keep an eye on their little ones. Burke’s legendary Burke Built™ quality and Total Cost of Ownership Package™ is evident in true Burke style, backed by the unmatched Generations Warranty™.

The innovative and eye-catching designs consist of Intensity play events as well as a combination of Burke traditional post-and-platform components to create the 2 – 5 versions of Intensity and Nucleus™ “fusion.” The play events are inspired by our Intensity 5 – 12 play events, yet sized for the younger kid’s abilities. Invigorating new play events were created for this line of play, including Charade Ring Panel, Paddle Ball Ring Panel, Energy Disc and Curved Posts.

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