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Landscape Architects – Why They Deserve a Month.

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When we hear “architect” we often think of someone who designs high-rise buildings or perhaps restores historical sites. While those are extremely important, we often forget to recognize the people responsible for designing the parks, play spaces, plazas, bike trails and other green spaces that make the outdoors fun, healthy and sustainable. Green spaces enrich our lives by exposing us to the natural beauty of the outdoors, keeping us moving and exercising and giving kids a healthy outlet for ALL that energy. 

There are many reasons kids – and adults – should play outside, from expressing creativity to running freely to making messes without worrying about dirtying the house. Landscape architects help to design spaces in which kids can play in a safe, fun and challenging environment. Next time you are outside in a beautiful park, playing on a playground, riding your bike on a trail or having a picnic in a shelter, thank a landscape architect. Celebrate this month by taking a picture of your favorite designed green space and post it to social media using #WLAM2015. Get outside and ENJOY!

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