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Love the Earth Today and Everyday.

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The 45th Earth Day is upon us and continues to help draw attention to environmental issues, but it is important to remember, there are 364 other days to care about the planet. At Burke, we think about the earth every day. As we create playspaces today, we don’t lose sight of the importance of preserving tomorrow. We are preserving it for the very population we are creating playgrounds for…the children. And their children. And theirs…and so on.

What does it mean to be sustainable? It seems that it has become sort of a buzz word that everyone is using and sometimes misusing. For us at Burke, sustainability isn’t just a word, it’s a way of life. We have environmental controls built into our manufacturing process and were early-adapters of wind-generated energy – now, 100% of the energy used at Burke is from wind and other renewable energy sources. We are proud to have be the only playground manufacturer that has the Green Power Partner designation from the U.S. EPA.

There are so many ways we can all support our earth today, on Earth Day, and every other day. Adopt a highway, ride your bike or walk short distances, recycle, use less waste, eat local food, buy from companies who display good environmental practices, clean up litter at your local park, plant trees at your local playground…the list is endless! Whatever you do, take a moment to be thankful for the beauty that surrounds us wherever we are!

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