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Business As Usual

For 2013, BCI Burke is taking the term “business as usual” to a whole new play level. The Burke team believes that nothing is more important than the kids we build playgrounds for, so all of the innovation and value for our customers is poured into making the best playgrounds possible for children of all abilities. Whether it is a playspace designed with Nucleus™, Intensity®, Intensity® 2-5, Voltage™, NaturePlay®, or Little Buddies®, this Burke Built™ process means that ...


The Sky Is The Limit

At BCI Burke, the sky’s the limit when creating and manufacturing playgrounds with themes for innovative recreation. The Burke design team takes play seriously, and is unrivaled at thinking like kids when designing everything from individual play components to gigantic structures. And it’s easy to use this Reinventing Play approach when building playgrounds at Burke, when the kids that play on them are the priority. Whether the design is a ship, fire truck, nature scene, tree ...


Burke and ARC Provide Kids a Pirate Dream Ship in Palm Bay, Florida

Palm Bay playground’s ship comes in — for free

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