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"Ode’ to Parks!" | Parks and Recreation Month

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July 2015 marks 30 years of Park and Recreation Month and the importance of parks increases with each passing year.Parks create a backdrop to childhood but don’t lose their importance as we age. There are so many benefits to parks that we can’t list them all…but here is a snapshot!


Parks serve a variety of purposes from visual appeal to recreational opportunities to a place to meet. Whatever you might use a park for, they help us define the feel of a neighborhood and allow better connections between community residents and guests alike.

Create safer neighborhoods:

When neighborhoods are adjacent to parks they tend to experience fewer violent and property crimes and neighbors tend to support and protect one another.

Teach children:

Learning is an individual process and much learning can be accomplished through the act of play. Playgrounds offer areas for social interactions, decision making, coordination, balance and problem solving are some of the important skills learned, in part, through play. Parks promote play between children of all abilities and from different backgrounds.

Healthy living:
With the obesity rate continuing to rise in America, physical activity and access to a place where people can have direct contact with nature has become increasingly important.

Large public parks and green spaces continue to be destinations for visitation. Camping, hiking, socializing, walking, biking, picnicking and playing are all leisure activities that happen in parks and people are willing to travel to find the perfect place to spend an afternoon, weekend, or even an extended trip.

So visit a park this month, or better yet, visit lots of parks and supportrecreation, learning, exercise and community!

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