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Park and Recreation Month 2016

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Discover your super powers and change lives! That’s the theme of this year’s Park and Recreation Month and it provides a reason (like we need one!) to get outside and promote health, fitness and enjoy the outdoors with friends, kids, neighbors, colleagues or even by yourself!  Need inspiration? Here are five things to do at a park near you! All parks are different so find one that has the amenities you need and check it out!

1. Play. If you have a child or children at the park with you, it’s fun to play on the swings, climb up the rock wall and slide down the slide! And it helps build strength, agility and balance!

2. Trails. Many parks have trails that loop around the area of the park and even connect to other parks or take you along a lake or river or even into the woods! Look for fitness equipment located along trails that will help take your workout to the next level by adding some strength or agility training.

3. Picnic. Grab a basket and blanket for a meal on the park lawn. Or, for the more adventurous, load some treats into a backpack and hike to the perfect spot in the woods and take in the views. If you're heading to a park with a lake or pond, bring beach gear and feast on the sandy shores before taking a dip.

4. Games. Outdoor games are a fun way to keep moving, interact with people of all ages and enjoy your local park! You could play an organized sport like softball or soccer or put together a scavenger hunt! This is a great way to explore numerous areas of a park in a relatively short time. Make a list of things you would find at your park and divide the group into teams. Give each team a list and set them free! Meet afterwards at a pre-determined spot and first team back with everything on the list wins.

5. Water. Water opens up a whole new set of fun! Swimming is obvious but there is also kayaking, paddle boarding, boogie boarding, fishing, rock and shell collecting and more! And nothing feels better and more refreshing on a hot day than the cool waters of a park!

Whatever you do this July – or anytime – check out a park you haven’t visited or discover a new activity in a park you visit regularly!

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