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Plexus Overhead and Climber System

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Here at Burke we have evolved the classic monkey bars into this brand new Plexus modular and overhead climbing system. With the dual components of the Plexus system, children have the opportunity to create a unique climbing experience each time they play!

With the Surgeon General reporting that almost one in every three children in the United States is overweight, it’s important you are conscious about monitoring your child’s lifestyle. Playground equipment provides a fun and easy way to improve physical and mental health (further explained by Susan Lundman).

The Plexus system is included in our fitness playground category and is designed for the advancement of children’s gross motor skills. (To read more on gross motor skills and how they affect your child in school, read this article.) Climbing requires not only strength but balance as well, and this makes the Plexus system a great way for children to increase the development of their arm and leg muscles.

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