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Fitness for Kids – How to Help Your Children be More Active.

Fitness for Kids – How to Help Your Children be More Active.

Physical activity is important for all ages and with campaigns like NFL PLAY 60 and Let’s Move, we are reminded daily of the importance of movement. But how do we get our children to move with us? With schedules, school, homework and screen time, it seems difficult to motivate them sometimes. Here are a couple of tips to help!

1. Be the example. 

If you have an active and healthy lifestyle, your kids will naturally follow. Prioritize exercise and limit screen time in your own life and they will be more inclined to do the same.

2. Fun, fun, fun. Make exercise fun. 

Ride your bikes to the playground and climb, slide and cross the monkey bars! Run around the playground and play tag! The main idea is to keep moving and make it playful so kids don’t know they are exercising!

3. Be positive. 

Find activities that build self-esteem and always encourage participation.

4. Set hours for screen time. 

Kids will want to have screen time and balance is the key. Homework, outside play or exercise time and any other commitments come first and screen time can happen after this.

Having more active play time as a family will help everyone feel happier and healthier. So enjoy and stay active, chances are your kids will follow your lead!

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