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The Importance of Getting Involved in Schools.

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In getting ready to attend the PTO Today Conference in Oakbrook Terrace, IL, I started thinking about PTOs and general involvement in schools and why it is important. As a child, I remember my mom being the PTO President and organizing events such as end of year picnics, fundraisers for a new playground, holiday parties and book fairs. It was a source of pride for me to have my mom in a position of planning and organizing events at my school. My brothers and I always helped her with some of the tasks and felt a sense of ownership in our school. There are many reasons to be involved in your child or grandchild’s school – here are a few that came to mind:

Set a Good Example – being involved has benefits that last a lifetime and children learn best by example. Being involved will help you meet a network of other caring adults and an organized group can make a huge difference!

Sense of Ownership and Community – knowing what is going on in the school community, having relationships with teachers and other staff and helping with event planning, new playground designs and fundraisers creates a sense of ownership of the happenings in the school and helps make everyone feel like they have a voice in the community.

Make a Difference in Academic Life – when you attend meetings at the school and are involved with teachers and other parents, it shows your child how important academics are to you! As a result of your attendance, you will become familiar with the teachers at the school, have better access to volunteer positions, and be able to provide suggestions that can benefit the students as a whole.

So check into school involvement for your children and see what you can do together!

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