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Friendship Park

Avondale, Arizona

Imagine a beautiful park with basketball and tennis courts, soccer and baseball fields, a dog park and three playgrounds located less than 20 miles from Phoenix. Imagine that this was a destination for families from miles around. No need to imagine this incredible space – this is Friendship Park in Avondale, AZ. Public input is of highest priority in a community-focused city like Avondale and Play it Safe ideated multiple ways to gain that input from attending local festivals to working with the city to get residents and non-residents to vote for their favorite design. The most popular design – a beautiful, colorful inclusive play environment – won the vote! Now the playground at Friendship Park is a main attraction and helps keep kids and families moving and active! Kids love the exciting variety of sliding, spinning, rocking, musical exploration and swinging! With play environments designed for both ages 2-5 and 5-12, children can come to play, meet friends and get the needed exercise and time outdoors!


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