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At Burke®, Play Moves Us every day and drives us to create innovative, fun and quality commercial playground equipment. We believe play brings communities together and keeps kids and families active, healthy and happy. Join Our Movement® as we bring a higher level of play to all communities!

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Play brings people together and provides a space where everyone can thrive. Play shows us our unique talents and provides a comfortable, equitable space to help us grow, develop, learn and discover what moves us. Bringing the best in play, playgrounds, fitness and recreation to people of all abilities is at the heart of our mission. And we invite you to be part of it.

MOVMNT® Electronic Play Innova® Bridge & Rocker Nucleus Core® Play4Pups™ ShadePlay™ Max ELEVATE® Victory Wall

New Products

MOVMNT® Electronic Play

Welcome to the MOVMNT. If you don’t know what it is yet, you will. It’s inspired. It’s innovative. It will test your fitness, your agility and your speed. It’s the next generation of play for people of all ages and abilities. MOVMNT is an electronic game that is powered by you and offer endless options for play. MOVMNT brings fun, intergenerational engagement and exercise everywhere it goes from inclusive playgrounds to community centers and schools to HOAs. Join the MOVMNT now!

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Innova® Bridge & Rocker

Play equity and inclusivity are the highlight of the Innova Collection of products. Creating a space where everyone wants to be that really includes and engages everyone is what Innova brings to the playground. Creating play and fun wherever it goes, Innova is certain to brings smiles, laughter and a ROCKING good time.

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Nucleus Core®

The hub. The center. The crux of adventure. The essence of Play That Moves You. Nucleus Core is an open-ended playground climber that launches an incredible experience for children at all climbing levels. Core lays the foundation for exploration with multiple climbing paths and challenge levels that link children to slides, towers and more climbing events. Discover a whole new way to play on Nucleus Core.

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Play4Pups is a fun obstacle course for dogs that keeps our beloved canines and our entire community moving! With so many people seeking to get outdoors with their dogs and a high demand for outdoor spaces where we can connect and exercise, Play4Pups is the next innovation in dog parks and outdoor recreation. The time is now to get our entire family outside with Burke’s all-new Play4Pups!

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ShadePlay™ Max

Shade is an important part of play and keeps kids and families protected from the sun. Shade isn’t just for play areas though - it’s for outdoor classrooms, recreation spaces and sports fields too! ShadePlay Max is the latest innovation in shade from Burke. Your trusted playground partner is now your trusted shade partner and we offer the same quality you’ve come to rely on for your playgrounds in shade.

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ELEVATE® Victory Wall

The exclamation point at the end of the ELEVATE® Fitness Course, the Victory Wall is challenging and fun for people of all fitness levels! Working the entire body, the Victory Wall has three ways to make it to the top and a bell to signal you’ve completed the challenge. What are you waiting for – your community needs outdoor fitness that gets everyone moving together!

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Join Our Movement®

There are so many ways to Join Our Movement! From the PlayTalk Blog to our Design Guide to becoming a Burkie (aka - starting a career with us), being part of our movement means bringing the highest level of play to your community. Join us and see how play can move you!