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Structure Components

This awesome collection of slides, climbers, bridges, overhead events, tunnels, panels and more is known as the very finest. Your custom Burke playground will be unmatched in quality, variety, fun and long-term value! Infinite playground design options are yours with these exciting, challenging and engaging components. Only Burke gives you this kind of unlimited creative freedom to easily build play structures that are guaranteed to exceed all your expectations.

  • Accessories

    Burke's Events & Accessories are an integral part of any well-designed commercial play area. They allow you to round...

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  • Bridges, Ramps & Platforms

    Burke playgrounds create premier play environments where even the path from one activity to the next can be an adventure....

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  • Climbers

    Kids love to climb, and Burke's large selection of playground climbers and climbing walls will ensure that your playground satisfies...

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  • Overhead Events

    Every child is constantly looking for ways to reach higher, so Burke has developed a wide selection of playground overhead...

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  • Play Panels

    Burke playground panels offer a wide variety of engaging and stimulating activities for children. Our playground panels are carefully designed...

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  • Playground Tunnels

    Our tubes & tunnels excite children’s sense of exploration and adventure while improving gross motor skills and body strength. Burke...

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  • Shade & Roofs

    Children don't have fully developed pigment cells, so they burn faster, and that sun damage lasts a lifetime. Playground Roofs...

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  • Slides

    Fast, fun and exhilarating, slides are a playground staple! But it’s not just fun, sliding provides a variety of crucial...

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