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  • Available for ages 2‐12 with room for up to 12 children.
  • Smaller use zone than competing product.
  • Room for full wheelchair turnaround and a grab handle for wheelchair parking.
  • Rocking motion is easily initiated yet controlled with a dampener.
  • Fully compliant with ADA Standards for Accessible Design.
  • Available in all of Burke’s standard powder coat and HDPE colors. Platforms offered in Blue and Natural Brown.
  • Burke Built™ and backed by Burke’s Generations Warranty®.


  • Provides room for interaction between children of all abilities.
  • Less space required means less surfacing costs or more space for other play events.
  • Provides safety and ease of use for children with all abilities and their caregivers.
  • Provides fun yet safe play.
  • Allows for worry‐free inclusive playground design.
  • Design options to fit every color scheme.
  • 100‐Year Limited Warranty on Hardware and 5‐Year Limited Warranty on Moving Parts.

Developmental Benefits:

  • Sensory: Vestibular, Proprioception, Tactile
  • Cognitive Skills: Problem Solving, Mastering New Concepts
  • Social/Emotional Skills: Cooperation, Social Skill Development, Imaginative Play
  • Motor Skills: Balance, Coordination, Motor Planning, Core Body Strength, Lower Body Strength, Balance

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Key Features:

  • Ages: 2-12
  • Approximate List Price*: $15,992
  • ASTM Use Zone: 20' x 30'
  • Capacity: 12
  • Fall Height: 16"

With enough room for two wheelchairs and two full benches, the Cruiser™ allows up to 12 children of all abilities to play together. Handles at both ends allow adults or other children to assist with motion and enjoy the experience.

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*Contact your local Burke representative for exact pricing based on design specifics to meet your needs. Surfacing, freight, taxes and installation are extra. Specifications and pricing subject to change without notice. For additional information on pricing of equipment, installation, surfacing and freight, please click above or call 1-800-266-1250. International direct dial is 00+1 920-921-9220.