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Turtle Top


  • Large 8’ x 8’ sand play area.
  • 8”x 4’ StoneBorders with 30” Drive Pin included.
  • Manufactured under USA Patent Number 7,766,755.
  • Posts available in Burke’s 12 standard colors.
  • Shade canopy available in Burke’s 5 standard ShadePlay Canopy colors.
  • Available as in‐ground mount only.
  • Available for children ages 2 – 5.
  • Burke Built™ and backed by Burke’s Generations Warranty®.


  • Helps to protect children from harmful UV rays while providing enjoyable, comfortable play space outside while locked in the raised position.
  • Provides a tight fitting cover while secured in the lowered position, preventing possible animal contamination.
  • Helps develop sensory play which is very important for early childhood development.
  • Great addition to any early childhood play environment or outdoor classroom.
  • 100-year limited warranty on posts, 15-year limited warranty on StoneBorders, 10-year limited warranty on shade and 5-year limited warranty on moving parts.

Developmental Benefits:

  • Sensory: Visual, Tactile
  • Cognitive Skills: Mastering New Concepts
  • Social/Emotional Skills: Imaginative Play, Cooperative Play

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Key Features:

  • Age Group: 2-5
  • Ages: 2 - 12
  • Approximate List Price: $4,995*
  • Kid Capacity: 20
  • Model: 580‐0289

The Turtle Top is a sandbox cover system that provides shade for children as they play. The Turtle Top’s unique, patented weightless design allows the cover to slide effortlessly into a raised position during use or a lowered position when not in use. The patented slot cover system locks the cover in a raised or a lowered position allowing a secure and safe play space. The Turtle Top will instantly transform and refresh an existing early childhood play environment or outdoor classroom.

Manufactured under USA Patent Number 7,766,755.

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*Contact your local Burke representative for exact pricing based on design specifics to meet your needs. Surfacing, freight, taxes and installation are extra. Specifications and pricing subject to change without notice. For additional information on pricing of equipment, installation, surfacing and freight, please click above or call 1-800-266-1250. International direct dial is 00+1 920-921-9220.