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Synergy Imagination 4ME Play System

Children ages 6-23 months are motivated to learn and explore and Synergy Imagination 4ME fosters development for this early childhood age group. Designed from research with Early Childhood Education Professors, each play event is tied directly to developmental milestones and helps children obtain skills in a natural setting through child-directed play.

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Right Sized

With smaller hand grips, steps and decks, the sizing and spacing is exactly what children ages 6-23 months need to help them develop, learn, engage and grow.


3.5” O.D. Post System & Direct Bolt Connection

Posts are Burke Built and covered for 100 years under the Generations Warranty. Combined with the direct-bolt connection system, our posts provide the strength and longevity so your playspace lasts for a lifetime of play.


Whimsical Design

Synergy Imagination 4ME brings children a whimsical space that is designed with them in mind with surprises around every corner!


Imaginative Play

Imagination is how children develop a sense of self, visualize their place in the world and learn to interact with each other. Fostering imaginative play is important, especially at the critical ages of 6-23 months.


Spark Slide

Designed especially for ages 6-23 months, the Spark Slide is a great way to introduce children to the fun of sliding in an approachable, age-appropriate way!


Elation Roofs

Kids look for exciting shapes and colors everywhere and their playspace is no different! Elation Roofs bring the visual stimulation upwards and give kids something to imagine!