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Cobra Slide Curved


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Key Features:

  • Capacity: 2
  • Fall Height: 0"

Excitement can’t be contained when it comes to Cobra® SLIDES! They are twisting, turning, in and out of light and SO MUCH FUN! Fun aside, sliding has a variety of developmental benefits ranging from core strength and balance to taking turns and imagination. The variety of options available is endless and offers designers so many ways to bring the excitement of sliding to the playspace.

  • The thrill of twisting and turning down an unknown path will encourage children to come back again and again allowing them to get the most developmental benefits and MAXIMUM FUN.
  • Design possibilities are endless with straight and curved sections and a variety of heights!


Developmental Benefits:
  • Sensory: Proprioception, Vestibular
  • Social/Emotional Skills: Social Skill Development, Taking Turns
  • Cognitive Skills: Problem Solving
  • Motor Skills: Balance, Coordination, Motor Planning

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*Contact your local Burke representative for exact pricing based on design specifics to meet your needs. Surfacing, freight, taxes and installation are extra. Specifications and pricing subject to change without notice. For additional information on pricing of equipment, installation, surfacing and freight, please click above or call 1-800-266-1250. International direct dial is 00+1 920-921-9220.