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Gaga Ball Pit


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Key Features:

  • Capacity: 35
  • Fall Height: 0"

Gaga is a fast paced, high energy sport played in an enclosed, octagonal pit. The more players the better! In general, Gaga is a gentler version of dodge ball and accessible to all skill levels. The game is played with a ball, and combines the skills of dodging, striking, running, and jumping, while trying to hit opponents with a ball below the knees. Players need to keep moving to play the game and it’s fun, easy and everyone gets a serious workout. Gaga is popular amongst teenagers, a population that may have “aged out” of traditional playgrounds but needs the exercise even more!

  • Designed for the rigors of this active game with HDPE panels and steel corner brackets with a baseplate for added stability.


Developmental Benefits:
  • Sensory: Tactile
  • Social/Emotional Skills: Cooperation, Social Skill Development
  • Cognitive Skills: Problem Solving, Cognitive Planning
  • Motor Skills: Balance, Coordination, Motor Planning, Agility, Cardiovascular, Upper Body, Lower Body and Core Strength
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