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School Playground Equipment

Pace Academy - Atlanta, Georgia

Pace Academy boasts magnificent buildings, an atmosphere of learning and exploration, and now, one of the most incredible play environments known to kids. Designed to complement the castle-like buildings, this playspace blends form and function to bring adventure, imagination and loads of play and development to the students at Pace Academy. The Nucleus® Evolution® towers beg to be explored with rope climbers and slides that beckon children to play. A “bridge” from the second level of the school building brought an architect’s plans to life and transports children directly to the top of the tower where they can choose their own decent – slide or climb – and dig into the rest of this incredible play environment. Contact your local Burke Representative to get started on your dream play environment.


If Your School is Looking to Add a Playground, Join Our Movement. 

Children learn through play and gain incredible benefits that transcend the playground and last a lifetime. At Burke, we work with schools to create spaces that help children ages 5 to 12 learn, gain confidence, cooperate and socialize. We strive to create playground sets where everyone can thrive and find the best of themselves through play. Schools are an incredibly important part of a child’s development and serve as pillars in the community. Contact us and we’ll help you build a play environment that helps kids develop physically, socially, emotionally and cognitively!


Playground Equipment Grants For Schools

If you are looking for a playground equipment grant for your school, we can help! Search our complete and up-to-date database of Federal, State and Private Foundation grants in the eight categories: After-School, At-Risk/Character, Community Involvement/Volunteerism, Early Childhood, General Education, Health/PE, Family Services and Facilities/Maintenance.


Going Beyond the Schoolyard

No matter where children are in life, Burke can help them develop through outdoor play.  We offer playground equipment for preschoolschurchesapartments or HOAs as well as city parks.  Our designs are innovative thoughtful products that inspire everyone to move.