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Learning Outdoors

Combining learning and the outdoors creates an environment that is flexible, open and where there is room for students to learn together, apart. Outdoors, children are healthier, happier and do better academically while getting much-needed nature exposure.

Designing your outdoor classroom may seem like a lot of new things to think about, but to us, it’s another day living the dream. With the help of our talented Design Team, your local Burke Representative is ready to help you build an outdoor classroom that will inspire exploration, activity and offer hands-on experience for years to come. Our outdoor spaces expand the meaning of classroom with options for music, fitness and educational games that help everyone learn.

Novo Playful Furniture
Novo® Playful Furniture

Novo Playful Furniture makes it simple to create an outdoor learning environment that enriches and engages all children while providing comfort and ease for teachers and caregivers. Learning and play go hand-in-hand and our talented Design Team can help your school community design a flexible and productive space to help students grow and develop.


Music Play
PlayEnsemble® Music Play

PlayEnsemble brings a higher level of musical expression to outdoor classrooms and learning spaces. As a universal experience that inspires everyone to create, music brings a sense of wonder to the learning environment. Musical experiences aren’t just play; they also play an important role in accelerating child development intellectually, socially and emotionally as well as enhance overall motor skills, language and literacy. 

Outdoor Fitness
ELEVATE® Fitness Course

ELEVATE Fitness Course makes fitness fun for children ages 5-12 and 13+ while providing an option for Physical Education outdoors. Each obstacle has three levels of challenge and multiple options within each level to ensure that everyone can participate and have a positive experience. Adding ELEVATE as part of your outdoor classroom repertoire is certain to engage and enrich children while helping them burn off much-needed energy and allowing them to gain the benefits of increased physical fitness. Bring out the ninja in all your students and watch them work to excel.

Playground Games
Playground Games

Playground games engage kids and families in movement and fun while providing hours of entertainment and loads of replay value. From Gaga and P6Ball to MOVMNT kid-powered games, these play pieces challenge children at different levels to jump, run, skip, hop, reach and dodge while helping them develop teamwork and social skills. Get in the Game with Burke Games!

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