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Our Play Systems

Nucleus® Evolution®

The Next Evolution in Play is here. It brings intricate climbers, fast slides with coordinating roofs and barriers that can be combined to create a tower that rises up and beckons children to explore. The Nucleus Evolution collection will move children to experience adventure, develop narratives and create experiences like no one has seen on the playground before. Play will never be the same again.

Synergy® Imagination®

Imagination is not only fun but an important part of how children develop a sense of self, see the world and interact with their peers and caregivers. Synergy Imagination brings children a whimsical space that is designed with them in mind for extra comfort and confidence. With smaller hand grips, steps and decks, the sizing and spacing is exactly what they need to help them develop, learn, engage and grow. Children will love the opportunity to play in a space with soft, approachable lines and products that are designed and sized especially for them to learn so many important skills that transcend the playground.


Synergy brings play to smaller spaces with 3.5” posts, scaled components, smaller platforms and simple design lines. Perfect for children 2-5 and 5-12, Synergy helps children develop skills that transcend the playground. Combining design and functionality to create the latest in the play revolution, Synergy is the perfect fit for smaller spaces that still want to pack big play value while providing a full offering of exciting Burke components to help churches, pocket parks, daycares and small schools bring Play That Moves You to their communities.

Level X® Play System

Sculptural, artistic and full of adventure, the Level X Play System brings a climbing, sensory and tactile experience to children of all abilities. While at first glance it appears to be an art installation, it’s actually a universally-designed climbing, sensory and tactile experience for children of all abilities. Inspired by urban architecture and the world’s most famous bridges, Level X changes the shape of play and the way children interact with the playspace.

Nucleus® Play System

Burke’s Nucleus Play System combines exciting fitness challenges with traditional play events to make your playground a destination for fitness and fun. You will be moved by the innovation and quality of Nucleus! Featuring 5" O.D. Posts, KoreKonnect® direct-bolt clamp system and EZKonnect® deck-mounting system, Nucleus brings a new level of ease and precision to playground design and assembly. Like all Burke products, Nucleus is backed by Burke’s unrivaled Generations Warranty® and Total Cost of Ownership Package™.

Key Features:
5" O.D. Posts
KoreKonnect Connection System
Ages 2-5 or 5-12

Intensity® Fitness Play

Play That Moves You® comes to life with Burke’s Intensity Fitness Play Complex! These fun, active products combine to create a playspace that challenges kids physically, socially and cognitively all while they are having fun! Intensity’s 5” O.D. posts, direct-bolt fastening system and exciting play events offer a broad choice of configurations.

Key Features:
5" O.D. Posts
Direct-Bolt Connection System
Ages 2-5 or 5-12

Voltage® Play System

Voltage is the perfect playground system for tighter spaces and budgets. Offering Burke Built® quality with a wide variety of play structures and components, Voltage uses our innovative KoreKonnect direct-bolt clamp system with 3½” O.D. posts and large decks for maximum play value.

Key Features:
3½" O.D. Posts
KoreKonnect Connection System
Ages 2-5 or 5-12

Little Buddies® Play System

Children ages 2-5 will be moved by this amazing selection of age-appropriate products for daycares, early childhood centers, churches or anywhere kids want to have fun while developing their minds and bodies! Little Buddies, the first interactive play system designed for children ages 2-5, offers a wealth of opportunities for children to creatively learn, explore and have fun while developing strength, coordination and cognitive and interactive social skills. Sturdy construction featuring compact 2 3/8" O.D. posts makes Little Buddies the perfect solution for small hands and feet to play comfortably.

Key Features:
2 3/8" O.D. Posts
Direct-Bolt Connection System
Ages 2-5

Early Play Centers

Creative and challenging play is essential to early childhood development. Burke’s Early Play Centers encourage physical and cognitive development for children ages 6-23 months while providing hours of engaging, exploratory fun. Early Play Centers are available in bold, primary colors or gentle earth-tones with firm or soft platforms. Set up and installation are simple with pre-assembled panels and optional in-ground anchors.

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Freestanding Play

Get moving and create adventure with Burke's Freestanding Basics. Kids love swinging, swaying, sliding, climbing, spinning and just having fun which is why we are constantly innovating new ideas and products to help them do just that! All of Burke's Freestanding Basics incorporate the creativity, quality, value and sense of fun that you'll find throughout our entire product line. You'll never go wrong adding these pieces into your unique playground design!

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RopeVenture® Climbing System

Create a true adventure with RopeVenture, Burke’s latest climbing system! Children can define their own climbing experience on this awe-inspiring rope system and create new routes every time they play! RopeVenture can be used as a standalone climbing event or it can be connected to a Burke structure – either way it will be a central piece in the play environment that inspires kids to move and dream big adventures!

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