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BCI Burke Playground

Family on universal swing

A Resolution we WANT to Keep

It’s a new year and as we welcome 2022, many people make resolutions to be healthier, spend more time with loved ones or take time for themselves. All of those resolutions can be accomplished with play. Hear me out…this is the real deal! Playing outside makes us healthier from increased Vitamin D to improved mental health and focus. It’s also an opportunity to spend time with children, friends, neighbors and spouses or, if you need a mental break, time alone. Below are a few ways we’ve found to spend more time outside and reap a variety of health benefits – this is a resolution that’s fun to keep! 

  1. Visit a playground in a nearby town. It’s always fun to explore somewhere new and a playspace is an excellent reason to break the norm and discover something new. Bonus…you can do this as a great family activity that everyone will enjoy.
  2. Create a walking coffee date with a friend or your significant other. Walking is incredible exercise and meeting someone else increases our chances of making it happen. And coffee is always an added bonus.
  3. Have ninja races at an outdoor fitness course. Use this as a way to create healthy competition and get some exercise with family, neighbors, friends or even better, EVERYONE!
  4. Take a hike or a bike ride. Find a trail and hike or bike your way to a healthier 2022.
  5. Have a picnic. Make food for the family and head out to a new spot for conversation and socialization. Whatever you do this year, time outside will increase your mood, productivity and play will move you!