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BCI Burke Playground

Families playing with swing ziplines

Play as a Uniting Force

At Burke, play is our passion, our mission and our business. Above anything else, our work focuses on bringing Play That Moves You to all communities around the world. This year is a challenging one and recent national events have added to the divisiveness in many of our communities. We believe play is more important now than ever before and it is equally important that we stand together in play and understand that even in the toughest times, play is a bright light. Not only is it beneficial to each individual, it unites us and brings us together.

Our belief is that play can be a catalyst for positive change. We believe children, families and communities belong outside - moving, developing and growing. Play builds community and it is our job help them provide fun, engaging and developmentally-rich spaces for all people, of all ages, abilities, ethnicities and races.

As we encourage people and communities to step outside, we feel it is important to challenge ourselves inside to keep creating an equitable, diverse environment that respects all differences. We know that by doing this we become a better organization. One that brings innovation, drives growth and helps everyone to find the best of themselves through work. We will not tolerate any discrimination based on race, culture, religion, age, sexual orientation, gender, thought and opinion. This takes away from our mission and divides us when we should be united in our goal. Play That Moves You is our mantra, our rally cry, our nod to the past and hope for the future. It guides us to be better each and every day and, with it, we move forward.

Thank you for being part of our movement.

Michael Phelan – Burke President & CEO