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Adding More Play for Your Community

Bringing a new park, recreation area or playspace to your community helps keep people healthy both mentally and physically and provides a place for them to gather, learn and grow. Designing this new commercial playground allows you to customize the space for exactly what’s needed and will help everyone find the best of themselves through play. Sometimes that’s just “not in the cards” so to speak. You can still add value and bring more play to your community by adding some key pieces to your existing playspace. Below is a “Top Five” list but it certainly isn’t exhaustive – there are so many more play pieces that can add just as much value – these are just a few favorites right now.

5. Volito Swing: It’s a swing, yes, and swinging is a childhood staple that helps develop the inner ear, balance and core strength but there is also a social and cooperative component to this particular playground swing. With room for multiple children, the Volito is a swinging social space and children of different ages and abilities can join in the fun with their peers. There’s even an option for a double Volito or, if it’s variety you seek, Volito can easily be combined with the AirVenture® Glider in a double swing bay for added fun.

4. PlayEnsemble®: Music is the universal language and is inherently inclusive making it an excellent addition to any play environment. Playing music helps us learn language, connect with our peers and increases our level of happiness…it’s basically magic! Adding a music area to your playspace will encourage everyone of all ages and abilities to make music together and adults can play too so it’s great for intergenerational engagement.

3. Novo® Playful Furniture: Ever been to a playground and witnessed adults leaning uncomfortably on posts or perched precariously on slides? Us too. In fact, that very scene brought on the idea of a new category of site amenities – playful furniture. Novo shifts the paradigm and brings comfortable seating into the playspace but doesn’t sacrifice play value. The seats and tables are also climbers and balance beams so resting, socializing and playing are done on the same piece. It’s like the multi-tool of playground furniture.

2. Level X® or Level X Ally™: What looks like an art installation is actually a climbing adventure for kids that helps them develop communication and social skills while also developing the more obvious physical skills like strength, agility and balance. The Level X and Level X Ally both feature mixed materials that contribute to a sensory experience and, since the materials are flexible, offers a reactive play experience that teaches cause and effect in a real setting. For example, if a child on one rope jumps or moves, a child on another rope feels that movement. It makes each play experience unique and fun.

1. Brava™ Universal Swing: In the number one spot we have Brava and for good reason. Brava is redefining what it means to swing and who can be a full participant in the swinging experience. Designed after hours of research and focus groups, Brava allows a child using a mobility device to transfer independently onto the swing and be side-by-side with their peers sharing the same play experience. Research says this is important to a child to be in control of their play experience and Brava offers that. It’s also a way for children on autism spectrum to express stimming behaviors and normalizes the motion for all children. Facing each other on the swing promotes interaction, cooperation, eye contact and provides opportunities for socialization. This and all of the developmental benefits of swinging makes Brava a must for any playspace.

Now that we have some new ideas for play, it’s time to contact your local Burke Representative to get started and get even more ideas for play.