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BCI Burke Playground

Aspire to the Best in Play – New Products 2024!

What does it mean to aspire to something? It means to want something very much. To hope to achieve something or be successful. It is what we do – aspire to be the best in play. And we want kids to aspire to something too – aspire to adventure, achievement or to new heights. We want communities to aspire to provide outdoor spaces that bring pride, togetherness and a sense of purpose. The new Burke products are research-based, innovative, fun, developmentally rich and they help build a community we all want to be part of.

Nucleus Aspire® is full of adventure, excitement and exploration – all of which contribute to experiencing more awe – and all the benefits of it – in our lives! This new play system looks like nothing ever seen on the playground before. Kids will aspire to get to the top, cross the rope tunnels and come down the fast, twisty slides. Nucleus Aspire pairs perfectly with other Burke play events, seamlessly designs with Burke's Nucleus®, Nucleus Evolution®, and Intensity® play systems. and provides action, adventure, development and a play experience like no other!

360 Loop® redefines play equity and creates space for more development, independence and play for children of all abilities. Using this transfer, climb, slide combination, children will experience play in a whole new way and be able to plan their playtime autonomously. Transferring onto the climber, kids can climb however they are comfortable using their upper bodies or legs to work their way to the top before they come down the slide and move back up the climber and back down the slide and repeat until their hearts and bodies are content. This is play design for the entire community and by the community – part of the research on the 360 Loop included focus groups with kids who will be using this new innovation. This creates a space that elevates the needs and voices of the kids whose voices aren’t always heard. This is Play That Moves You®! The 360 Loops seamlessly designs with Burke's Nucleus, Nucleus Evolution, and Intensity play systems. and provides action, adventure, development and a play experience like no other!

Burke Express: Pretend play is an important part of child development and helps children learn about themselves and their surroundings, supports social and emotional development and improves problem solving abilities. The Burke Express is the ultimate in imaginative play and with so many ways for children to interact with each other, a caregiver and their environment. Details on the Express make it a fun experience for children to learn while climbing, socializing and playing!

Trike Trail: Moving around on bikes, scooters or even on foot is amazing exercise for kids! With play events along a trike trail that engage their imaginations, advance their fine motor skills and teach cooperation, getting their daily exercise and playtime is even more appealing and these events are designed to foster creativity, socialization and exploration so it’s fun and developmentally beneficial!

Synergy® Playfort: A secret hideout. A club. A creative space. A place of imagination. Forts serve a lot of different purposes for children and help kids develop autonomy, social skills, cooperation and creativity! The Synergy Playfort is a quintessential fort full of games, climbing and surprises for kids of all ages and abilities.

Climbers: Climbing is a healthy, adventurous play activity that helps children develop physically, socially, emotionally and cognitively while having fun. A variety of new options make adding climbing to your playspace easy and will give kids so many opportunities to try new ways to explore!

Cirrus™ Swing: Swinging in the clouds, the Cirrus Swing will be the hit of the playground. Swinging solo or swinging with friends, the Cirrus is comfortable for everyone and has the feeling of sitting on a cloud in the sky while developing kids’ proprioceptive senses, fostering cooperative play and building core strength.

Eko® Playful Furniture: Play can happen anywhere, and Eko Playful Furniture will be ready for it! Designed for resting, relaxing, learning and socializing AND for climbing, balancing and playing, Eko does it all with style. Clean design lines and fun shapes draw kids in while the comfort will keep them there. Bring play to furniture with Eko Playful Furniture.

Novo® Playful Benches: There’s much to do on Novo Playful Benches! Sit, relax, engage your senses, play games, learn your numbers, practice language skills and have fun to name a few! Bringing learning outside creates a relaxed space where kids will guide their learning, build their confidence and develop skills that transcend the playground while engaging with each other, their caregivers or playing solo!

Giant Burke Chair: Why are big chairs so much fun? Is it the chance to crowd on and laugh with friends and family? The anomaly of something so oversized compared to what we see every day? Is it the photo memory that will last a lifetime? Whatever it is, we love them and the Giant Burke Chair will make a great addition to a playspace, outdoor recreation area, library, museum, downtown, restaurant or resort! Make it your own with the name of your town, park, business or graphics that will make everyone smile and say cheese!

Kaleidoscope: Colors and shapes show a whole new reality when kids play with the Kaleidoscope! It opens a world of mystery, discovery and delight when they see what the world looks like through a different lens. The Kaleidoscope is a fun addition to add sensory, exploration, imaginative and cooperative play opportunities to any playspace!

Seeing these and all the new product innovations in action is Play That Moves Us and we know it will move you too – and hopefully give us all something to aspire to! Contact your local Burke Representative for more information on all Burke innovations!