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Your Partner in Playground Safety

This week, we recognize National Playground Safety Week as a time to focus on the outdoor environments where our children play! Creating safer play environments helps everyone gain the benefits from playing outdoors and is a top priority for us! From age-appropriate signage, products and playgrounds designs and rigorous safety certifications to a FREE Burke maintenance kit and playground safety kit from our partners at National Program for Playground Safety (NPPS), we’re proud to be your partner in playground ...


Designing Spaces for Communities – The Importance of Landscape Architects

April is World Landscape Architecture Month (WLAM) – a month-long international celebration of landscape architecture! Designed public and private spaces impact people and communities every day and provide places to connect, develop, play, reflect, learn, gather and grow. This year’s theme is “Growing Together,” a fitting way to describe how people grow together as communities, as individuals and with nature while engaging in and with these outdoor places. Think about the last time you were outside – did you go ...


World Health Day – Play for Your Health!

Play is fun, developmentally rich AND it’s HEALTHY! On World Health Day let’s talk about a couple health benefits of play! Play keeps kids and families active and moving and helps them have fun while playing! Climbing, sliding, swinging, jumping and running are all great ways for kids to get the 60 minutes per day of movement needed. A well-designed playspace offers these and more activities for children of all levels and abilities. Outdoor play brings people, well, outdoors! And being ...


MOVMNT Brings Movement to Communities

Fond du Lac, WI – MOVMNT™ brings movement for people of all ages and abilities and creates an atmosphere of competition, fun and engagement. Powered by people, MOVMNT doesn’t require electrical or batteries and allows everyone to be in control of their play experience. Studies show that active communities do better. Whether it’s higher graduation and lower obesity rates or better air quality and higher home values, having public greenspaces within your community helps to improve quality of life. For ...


Playground Preparedness

Spending time at the playground is so much fun and helps children develop in a variety of ways from socially and emotionally to physically and cognitively. Being prepared with a well-stocked and maintained playground pack can help kids and caregivers have the most fun for the longest time at the playground. More time means even more movement, development and enjoyment for everyone. Voice of Play recommends sunscreen, water and first aid kits as part of their list of essentials ...



Sunny skies, excellent coffee and the capitol city of California laid the foundation for what was an incredible week at CPRS 2022. Our booth space was full of energy with a MOVMNT tournament in FULL Swing. We had a lot of excellent competition, laughs and some serious smack talk, of course. In the end the winners battled it out and each of the top three places took home a smart fitness watch to keep them rocking on their MOVMNT ...

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    How fitting is it that National Anti-Boredom Month is the same month as Parks & Recreation Month!? We think it’s on point! Parks and recreation spaces are the perfect way to combat boredom while spending time outdoors moving, socializing and playing! Our top five ideas of fun things to ...

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    Movement and fitness are so important and parks, playgrounds, recreation and outdoor fitness spaces are the perfect places to move. Getting everyone moving is crucial to the physical and mental wellbeing of the community and gives us healthy ways to connect, engage and play together. In our home community of ...