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BCI Burke Playground

Celebrating Landscape Architect Month

While we appreciate Landscape Architects all year, World Landscape Architecture Month (WLAM) is an opportunity celebrate the role of landscape architecture in shaping healthy, resilient and beautiful communities with places for all to enjoy. It is also an opportunity to inspire and advocate for the profession and share some of the beautiful outdoor spaces we use to explore, play, gather and find the best of ourselves through play!

ASLA’s core vision statement of “healthy, beautiful, and resilient places for all” is shared by us at BCI Burke and our commitment shows as we integrate research into both product and playspace design to help bring an equitable play experience to people of all ages and abilities. Play events like the 360 Loop that bring everyone into the circle of play and offer all children the opportunity for independent play, are critical to play equity and variety within the space. Play equity means engaging and enriching play experiences for everyone and Nucleus® Aspire creates an atmosphere of adventure and brings awe to the play environment. And since awe is something that does so much for us – bolsters mood, calms our nervous system and helps ease symptoms of anxiety and depression to name a few – everyone should be able to experience awe. Playspaces that have adventure, nature and discovery help to bring awe to our everyday and allow us to experience the benefits more often. These are just a couple of ways our commitment to the vision of ASLA shows.

Partnering with Landscape Architects to create beautiful spaces is another. Places like Thompson County Park in West St. Paul, MN are beautiful, educational and community spaces that will move everyone for years to come. Pace Academy in Atlanta, GA provides not only an exciting play experience but complements the buildings around campus. These are just two examples of how the vision of Landscape Architects make outdoor spaces more exciting, accessible and fun for all people.

As you’re outside enjoying Spring weather in a park, at a school, in a community garden or town square, think of the value that Landscape Architects bring to our communities. And enjoy the outside!