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Designing Spaces for Communities – The Importance of Landscape Architects


April is World Landscape Architecture Month (WLAM) – a month-long international celebration of landscape architecture! Designed public and private spaces impact people and communities every day and provide places to connect, develop, play, reflect, learn, gather and grow. This year’s theme is “Growing Together,” a fitting way to describe how people grow together as communities, as individuals and with nature while engaging in and with these outdoor places.

Think about the last time you were outside – did you go to a park? Use a trail? Visit an outdoor garden, walk through a pedestrian plaza or eat lunch in a picnic area? How did it make you feel? All of these places – and more – are outdoor areas meant to connect communities to each other and each of us to ourselves. We need more of these important areas so everyone of all ages, backgrounds, colors and abilities can come together and reap the benefits of time spent outside.

In an effort to bring attention to these incredible places, we’re excited to highlight one of our favorite projects for this year’s WLAM. With so many great and impactful projects, it was hard to choose just one! If you’re looking for more inspiration, check out all of our Featured Playgrounds!

Pace Academy, Atlanta, Georgia:

Architect: HGOR
Playground Equipment & Design: BCI Burke
Local Representative: PlaySouth Playground Creators

The Pace Academy campus, located in Atlanta, GA, is rich in history and dates back to the original building, the “Castle,” formerly the private estate of the John Ogden family. Built in 1931, this impressive stone building was built using stone quarried on the property and possesses an architecture that influenced the design of the rest of the campus and grounds. The stately buildings spread throughout the 34-acre campus combined with beautiful trees, plants, fields and grass provided the perfect canvas for the new play environment. Designed to harmonize with the magnificent buildings and embody the feel of a place where the past, present and future come together to build an atmosphere of excellence, this playground blends form and function to create an imaginative, adventurous and developmentally rich play experience for all of the Pace students.

If you’re seeking an incredible outdoor space for your community, start planning your playground with Burke today!

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