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BCI Burke Playground

child going through rope tunnel

Getting Outside – Even When it’s Cold!

Being outside playing, socializing and getting much-needed movement has so many benefits and is extremely important for mental and physical health! For those in colder climates, it can be harder to get outdoors in the winter. Harder…but not impossible…it just takes a little more planning and preparation to be comfortable and have fun year around.

Burke’s Nucleus Evolution Play System brings adventure to the playground in all kinds of weather. With towers, climbers, Rope Tunnels and Cobra® Slides, kids will keep moving and keep warm while gaining important developmental benefits that transcend the playground. Keeping kids engaged through adventure is just one way to keep them outside!

Check out this article with tips on how to keep your outdoor habits happening even in winter! If you’re interested in creating your new commercial playground, recreation area or outdoor fitness space, contact your local Burke Representative and get started!